Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stitching for the joy of it or my philosophy of work...

What do you do when you have no material at your disposition and you'd like to stitch?

I was visiting my daughter and suddenly I was dying for stitching and had nothing at hand. She was so nice to give me a scrap of fabric and one of my self dyed threads I gave her once. I began to cut and stitch, cut and stitch. Getting out of material I picked my knitting needles and added a small surface of knitted contrast...

What was I doing? I thought about Slow Cloth, and I also thought that there is a new way of stitching where emulating a machine no longer is an issue. Striving for perfection defined by a regularity and neatness in stitching isn't absolutely necessary. It is the dedication and the eagerness for making an imprint. In my case I can say it is the necessity of expressing something and telling some kind of story or "no story": I never know if I already have the story before I begin or if I tell it to me while I'm stitching and adding details.

I am working on another piece where I'm just adding and adding, the one I already began some weeks ago. That will be my next post. It will be a piece for me, rather a crazy one in its concept and I think it will be the way I'm going chose for the next future.


  1. Ahhhh, yes. Stitching just for the joy it brings. *And* for something that we have inside that insists that we do so. Sara you work has such joy in it and even across the internet it shows.

  2. AS if hands were guests with a life of their own.


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