Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I took these photos at dawn and the colors are different than the ones I took this morning. I had to compensate the darkness and now they look quite blue...

I must tell you that this piece is going to be a very crazy one, not at all like the ones you are used to.

You will notice this by and by and I'm thinking about the statics...

I also want to keep this piece and my husband had a wonderful idea about the frame. We have lots of old thrift windows which have 2 glass panes. The idea is to put the piece between the glasses to display it in the studio. I really don't want it to be seen from the back because it is not intended to but to be hung from the wall. This is of no concern to me yet because it is a slow piece and there is a long way to go in front of me before deciding about the hanging.

Perhaps you see better what happened here:




  1. Oh! Sarah, these are wonderful. I am not suprised that you want to keep this piece when it is completed. I just love the backgroung effect. How did you create it?
    Its lovely to see your ongoing work again.

  2. Yummy!! Wonderful how this keeps growing and growing. Your brain is a very fertile place =-)

  3. I love the way the piece is progressing.

  4. liebe sara,

    ich geniesse diese farbharmonie......, hab mir deine bilder gross geklickt und die wunderbaren farben auf mich wirken lassen,traumhaft!!!


  5. thank you all! I did the background with the embellisher fabric onto fabric without using any wool.

  6. It's a dream and it's like a dream.

    I also have some old windows and a door standing in our garden and waiting to be used as the ground or frame for some felt work.I have the problem that I wait for the perfect idea. Though I know there are no perfect solutions. But such wonderfull vintage objects deserve something special. Yours is special.

  7. My grammar mistakes are not so special :o)


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