Saturday, September 25, 2010

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I went back to the roots.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Facebook - why I don't answer invitations!

As I became a member of Facebook, I decided to use it just for family exchange with my many cousins and other family around the world. We are a huge family. I only have a couple of closest friends as contacts.

I think that having a blog with the possibility of comments and a huge art related photoalbum at Flickr is enough for my textile activities. You wouldn't find anything of interest in my Facebook album.

CorNits Filzzauberschule (for my German speaking friends)


Meine Freundin Corinna Nitschmann bietet einen wunderbaren On-Line-Kurs für Naßfilzen und nachträgliche

Ich kann den Kurs nur empfehlen! Informationen hier.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I took these photos at dawn and the colors are different than the ones I took this morning. I had to compensate the darkness and now they look quite blue...

I must tell you that this piece is going to be a very crazy one, not at all like the ones you are used to.

You will notice this by and by and I'm thinking about the statics...

I also want to keep this piece and my husband had a wonderful idea about the frame. We have lots of old thrift windows which have 2 glass panes. The idea is to put the piece between the glasses to display it in the studio. I really don't want it to be seen from the back because it is not intended to but to be hung from the wall. This is of no concern to me yet because it is a slow piece and there is a long way to go in front of me before deciding about the hanging.

Perhaps you see better what happened here:



The middle of the story

This is the earthier part of it. Actually the "under the earth" part. The story under the earth and like at the centre of the earth there is more warmth.

The background will be the surface onto which I will write some clues.

All my stories are for you to tell. Everybody sees and reads something different. I also change my story each time I look at it. My mood of the day dictates the thinking.

I punched this time directly the fabric onto the back without using wool at this stage. I used it around the middle. I want it to be like a book page.

The story is going to continue to grow around all these parts but it is a slow cloth and I have to take my time on every piece and stage of the process.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

... and we say it



I finished the part with the speech bubbles.

The piece is growing but it's only the beginning of it.

We have something to say...

It looks like his mother told him the story of Peter and the Wolf and he is telling it to his sisters...

Things are growing.

Stitching for the joy of it or my philosophy of work...

What do you do when you have no material at your disposition and you'd like to stitch?

I was visiting my daughter and suddenly I was dying for stitching and had nothing at hand. She was so nice to give me a scrap of fabric and one of my self dyed threads I gave her once. I began to cut and stitch, cut and stitch. Getting out of material I picked my knitting needles and added a small surface of knitted contrast...

What was I doing? I thought about Slow Cloth, and I also thought that there is a new way of stitching where emulating a machine no longer is an issue. Striving for perfection defined by a regularity and neatness in stitching isn't absolutely necessary. It is the dedication and the eagerness for making an imprint. In my case I can say it is the necessity of expressing something and telling some kind of story or "no story": I never know if I already have the story before I begin or if I tell it to me while I'm stitching and adding details.

I am working on another piece where I'm just adding and adding, the one I already began some weeks ago. That will be my next post. It will be a piece for me, rather a crazy one in its concept and I think it will be the way I'm going chose for the next future.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

HAND/EYE Magazine


I am sorry I didn't have time to speak before about the article in HAND/EYE on Textile Therapy by Wendy Golden-Levitt. She does a wonderful work as a child therapist using textiles in her healing. Please read the article if you haven't done it yet. You will find the work of other artists you may know, not only mine. I was very happy to be told about the possibility of finding a healing dimension in textile work.

You also perhaps like to subscribe to this wonderful free e-Magazine. It has the most interesting articles. You can read more about it here.

Anneli's birthday

I visited my friend Anneli who had her birthday while I was there and now I can show you the cushion I made for her.We spent a week knitting and having ideas for future work. There is nothing more fertile than chatting, having fun and working with an artist friend.

I did the motives with the embellisher and then made a log cabin with wool fabric by hand

I also did hand quilting on the surface.

The bands on the corners are a Swedish tradition I liked very much when I saw them in Sweden. As Anneli is Swedish too I thought she would like it. She did.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Visiting my friend

I'm visiting my friend Anneli and we did some crochet necklaces while chatting.

We both love to work with sock wool.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Etsy treasure

I'm happy to have been put in an Etsy Treasure by Craftomania.

This week I'm visiting a dear friend, Anneli, and we will work on some new things.

She is having her birthday next Friday and I must wait till then to show you her present because it has to be a secret...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Not only the story...

The population is growing too.

This is going to be a huge piece. The idea is to continue working on it and adding stories and details.

I think this is the way my mind works. Sometimes I would like to work in one direction but my imagination takes me to another trip than the one I planned. This happened with this story...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The story grows

This is the lady, perhaps me, who arrived to the island.

She is looking at one of the many birds.

And the island is getting bigger because more people are to come...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back to the island - further development...

This piece found its name and I really don't know if I mean that I travelled back to Wales or if I mean by island the refuge in my farm.

I really live at home in an island , far from the madding crowd by all means. It's good for working but I have to escape often from its calm and silence. Perhaps it is because I grew up in a metropole in the middle of sky scrapers. I absolutely love the country and wouldn't like to live in the city any more but I long for a change of coulisse rather often...

I am studying further how to combine machine and hand work. They give such a different definition on the surface. I'm also trying to use some of the zillions of sequins, pearls, etc I have in my stash in a way I can visually cope with. I'm not a lover of too much of them but they have a certain spell you cannot elude...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Slow beginnings...

This is a slow begin. I have problems with a new TV-Server and a new Netbook. Things are getting so digital nowadays... But I could sit at the embellisher and sewing machine for a while.

I am trying to combine machine and hand embroidery because I think free motion machine stitching can be very interesting on embellished surfaces. You see the before/after photos.

There is less detail in the texture of the piece but there is also more texture of another kind. I think I can use this to do more ornamental work.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back from Wales

I'm back from Wales and beginning to feel at home once more after 6 weeks abroad.

It will take some time till I can post regularly because I'm a kind of snail when it comes to begin with a new body of work. After that things begin to work faster.

 In the meantime I share some photos I took in Bangor on the pier. The last one is in the coffee shop of Debenhams. I loved to drink tea there because of the sight.

At that time there were warm sunny days. The pictures look very good if seen big.
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