Saturday, November 21, 2009

Small sewing case

This Thursday I will be leaving for Bangor/Wales and I want to tell you something before that.

I am feeling better and lost my vertigo this week. Thank you so much all of you who sent me best wishes for recovering. You really helped me out of it!

I will be back on the middle of January 2010 and intend to have a good holiday from work and stress.

I will enjoy sketching and getting inspired. I always do when I'm abroad.

This is a small piece I did in my last workshop for demonstration purposes. I just want to have a photo to this post.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fish Pillow

This is a fish pillow I did with a face I made some time ago and was lying around in my studio.

At the moment I have a kind of dizziness and doctors cannot tell what it is. It isn't anything bad because I made all kind of tests and they were all negative but I cannot work on my things like before.

I will wait till I come back from Wales mid January to try to update my blog and begin once more to work with a system...

Please excuse my disappearance for a while.
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