Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bird Bag

This is a rather strange piece I did for carrying my cell phone and some tools with me while working.

 It was actually an exercise on bonding wool/felt/knitting with the embellisher and I must admit I was very happy with the result and possibilities.
 The idea came from a book I have with South American indian bags. They used to knit this kind of bags with small pockets for carrying amulets (I suppose a cell phone is a modern amulet...)

 I made some pockets and took some pictures of the layers of knitting.
I specially like the last one (the one for the cell phone) for the way the knitting turns into felt.


  1. This bird bag is really something special - not only a bag and a shawl, but a kind of necklace as well! And art, I think!

  2. Che bella, originale e che straordinaria esecuzione!

  3. Grazie, Giulia! and Gabriela and Anneli!

  4. So creative and useful. You do make some stunning pieces.

    Sandie at Rag Rescue


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