Monday, September 7, 2009

Anneli's African Short Rows Shawl

My friend Anneli from Bockfilz had this terrific idea. She's experimenting with sock yarn and using it in very interesting ways.

I had to try this too because it is such an inventive idea!

It looks quite different depending on the yarn you use. I used an Opal Hundertwasser one and she used a Colori from Italian Style.

I hope she's going to write the pattern.


  1. I hope she writes up a pattern too- what a beautiful piece of knitting!

  2. I am knitting socks (mostly I design and hook rugs), but I just love the idea of taking the sock yarn and getting creative with it. The pattern would definitely be something I would like to try.

  3. Lovely! But this, I really don't know how to do!


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