Thursday, September 17, 2009


This little sheep is not a pattern from me but you can find it in Ravelry.

It was so cute I couldn't resist and knitted this one for my grand daughter.

Now in its clothes...

It is a free pattern from Frankie Brown, who does wonderful things.


I just made a loan to someone in Togo using a wonderful  website called Kiva.

I discovered the site in the blog of a fellow blogger.

In Kiva's website you can lend to someone across the globe who needs a loan for their business - like raising goats, selling vegetables at market or making bricks.  Each loan has a picture of the entrepreneur, a description of their business and how they plan to use the loan so you know exactly how your money is being spent - and you get updates letting you know how the entrepreneur is going.
The best part is, when the entrepreneur pays back their loan you get your money back or use it for another loan (I like this idea because you can give a small loan once and use the same amount over and over)- and Kiva's loans are managed by microfinance institutions on the ground who have a lot of experience doing this, so I suppose you can trust that your money is being handled responsibly.

I made a loan to Adjo Solom√© in Togo.  I liked her immediately because she's working with a sewing machine!

I love the internet because you can do things like this directly now.

I checked the site for its credibility as much as I could and you should do this too before giving some loan so that you feel good about it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dragon shawl

Anneli and me are are totally into sock wool knitting! After she created the African Impression shawl I took the idea further and did some changes in the pattern getting as a result a Dragon Shawl that has some scales in the middle. I loved this because it helps to give structure to the piece. I also did some points at the end of the piece.


Bird Bag

This is a rather strange piece I did for carrying my cell phone and some tools with me while working.

 It was actually an exercise on bonding wool/felt/knitting with the embellisher and I must admit I was very happy with the result and possibilities.
 The idea came from a book I have with South American indian bags. They used to knit this kind of bags with small pockets for carrying amulets (I suppose a cell phone is a modern amulet...)

 I made some pockets and took some pictures of the layers of knitting.
I specially like the last one (the one for the cell phone) for the way the knitting turns into felt.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sophies gift

My daughter Sophie made this gift for her friend. She always likes to give gifts made by herself.

I loved the idea and wanted to share it with you.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Anneli's African Short Rows Shawl

My friend Anneli from Bockfilz had this terrific idea. She's experimenting with sock yarn and using it in very interesting ways.

I had to try this too because it is such an inventive idea!

It looks quite different depending on the yarn you use. I used an Opal Hundertwasser one and she used a Colori from Italian Style.

I hope she's going to write the pattern.

Spinning Spools Holder

My husband made this spinning spools holder for my spinning wheel. 
I wanted to share it with you because it's such a good idea!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

And now back to the embellisher

This is also the second step of the cord I spun and knitted.

I added some medaillons made with the embellisher. My favourite birds...

I made the birds the way I make all my pieces but I added an extra padding to the back and sewed them to the cord:

I did the same thing with the medaillon. Here I added a button I bought in England. Love it!

Here you can see a close up of the scary bird! :-) I used a silk fabric for the body and also some silk fibers for the background.

Some more spinning...

This is to show how far I'm with my spinning and knitting with the pastel coloured wool.
It looks like an octopus, growing in all directions.

I like the way the colours form a pattern. I'm just spinning a wool piece after the other. What I mean is that I'm not carding the colours all together. This creates a kind of variegated wool.

The true Emma

I was talking about my Emma crochet piece and I just come back from visiting my daughter and I found an Emma throw at her house I had forgotten about.

Now I can show you a photo of a finished piece. Mine is going to take long to be finished because I'm working on many different projects...

You can see the way it works if you do the grids in coloured stripes and after that weave the wool also "stripe wise" but in the other direction:
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