Thursday, August 20, 2009

Everything is change

This is my new blog. I hope you will enjoy it.

It is a fully new concept. Many things are going to be happening and I don't want to define them right away. You will discover them as they come.

I thought it was the moment for a change because I was getting too lopsided and I need new challenges.

Let's see...


  1. Gosh, the first day of a brand new blog! I was re-visiting Fabric of Meditation and found my way here. Maybe it's Kismet - or maybe it's lopsidedness. I look forward to seeing what you get up will be inspiring, no doubt.

  2. Hi Liisa,
    I didn't know that the blog was already open for people to read! it's not really interesting yet, but I'm preparing things :-)

  3. It's wonderful! I love your spinning, and your creativity and your taste in color are inspiring!


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