Sunday, August 30, 2009

Emma - free pattern - Ultimative recycling throw! KAL

I am working on a throw I learned to do as I was five. Of course at that point I did it for a doll. Emma, the Swiss lady who taught me the technique was known for these pieces that were made for everybody, for baby beds or for king size ones. For the babies she used a band of satin to cover the edges and I can remember the feeling of it in my fingers when I laid down to sleep. I cuddled in the throw and wrapped my fingers in the satin border.

I did a small piece for you to see the result. I notices, that while Emma used just wool strands to weave in the holes, I could use all my old fabrics I want to recycle for this task!

And here is the way you do it: free pattern

You make a grid of double crochet.
1st Row: you make a chain of a multiple of 2 + 1. Each time you turn you make 4 chains (counts as dc, ch1) 2nd Row and all other rows: *1dc, 1ch* ending with 1 dc.

The idea is that you make rows in different colors the way I'm doing in this throw:

e.g. I began with 3 rows in brown, dann 1R in brown/white, 4R in red, 3R in white, you get it...
using all those wool rests you have in your stash.

When the moment comes to weave in the fabric stripes (about 1"/2,5cm wide) or the wool strands (about 7 strands of wool cut in the length of the throw + about 10-15cm), you will weave in 3 rows of brown fabric or wool, 1 row of a brown/white print or brown/white wool, 4 rows of red fabric or wool, 3 rows of white fabric or wool, etc. You can of course use printed fabrics that have an overall brown, white, red or whatever appeal.

At the end you will have a check throw!!

The outcome of my combination of materials will be seen in the photo I'll take when I'm finished.

I will keep you informed of the progress!

Does somebody want to join? It would be a nice KAL!


  1. Its a lovely idea, Sara, to use up all the left over yarns and fabrics, that we all have.
    Best wishes

  2. it is, maggie. I love this kind of things!

  3. Que buen projecto! Me encanta! Crochet fue lo primero que aprendi de ninia...tu me estas haciendo volver a ese tiempo! Voy a probar!

  4. prueba nomás! te vas a divertir mucho. yo estoy usando también lana para soquetes. mirá lo que hizo una amiga en



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