Saturday, August 29, 2009

The beginning of a necklace

This is the beginning of a necklace I planned yesterday.

I saw an film where King Lear had a metal one that inspired me to try it in textile.

 As I want to do something done by me from the beginning, I took some wool in light and dark purple. I will also use a purple yarn to spin together with the wool.

I spun the light purple first...

...and after that the dark purple. I wound them on cones.

I put the three cones in a box and used knitting needles to fix them there.

I began to knit the yarn...

...and as I was finished I had something like this:

To be continued... (I will combine all this with the embellisher and stitching)


  1. Hey Sara, super daß Du wieder so Lust auf's Spinnen bekommen hast! (- Und da seh' ich doch ein i-cord ;-)!)

    Und der Halsschmuck schaut total interessant und vielversprechend aus - ich bin echt gespannt!

    (Mein mail funktioniert seit heute früh gar nicht mehr - hoffe, daß Martin es mir morgen richten kann!)


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