Sunday, August 30, 2009


Now you can see more of the pullover I'm knitting.

Today I did the stitching and embellishing on it:

Emma - free pattern - Ultimative recycling throw! KAL

I am working on a throw I learned to do as I was five. Of course at that point I did it for a doll. Emma, the Swiss lady who taught me the technique was known for these pieces that were made for everybody, for baby beds or for king size ones. For the babies she used a band of satin to cover the edges and I can remember the feeling of it in my fingers when I laid down to sleep. I cuddled in the throw and wrapped my fingers in the satin border.

I did a small piece for you to see the result. I notices, that while Emma used just wool strands to weave in the holes, I could use all my old fabrics I want to recycle for this task!

And here is the way you do it: free pattern

You make a grid of double crochet.
1st Row: you make a chain of a multiple of 2 + 1. Each time you turn you make 4 chains (counts as dc, ch1) 2nd Row and all other rows: *1dc, 1ch* ending with 1 dc.

The idea is that you make rows in different colors the way I'm doing in this throw:

e.g. I began with 3 rows in brown, dann 1R in brown/white, 4R in red, 3R in white, you get it...
using all those wool rests you have in your stash.

When the moment comes to weave in the fabric stripes (about 1"/2,5cm wide) or the wool strands (about 7 strands of wool cut in the length of the throw + about 10-15cm), you will weave in 3 rows of brown fabric or wool, 1 row of a brown/white print or brown/white wool, 4 rows of red fabric or wool, 3 rows of white fabric or wool, etc. You can of course use printed fabrics that have an overall brown, white, red or whatever appeal.

At the end you will have a check throw!!

The outcome of my combination of materials will be seen in the photo I'll take when I'm finished.

I will keep you informed of the progress!

Does somebody want to join? It would be a nice KAL!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

When you begin to spin you can't stop...

...and because of that I saw a bunch of wool in pastel colours I bought in Italy during my workshop there.

They used a natural dye for it.

Here is the wool and the result.


I love knitting squares. I spun the wool mixing colours all the time while spinning. I didn't card them. The result was similar to the one using sock wool.
I don't know yet what this will be.
I casted on 29 stitches and used a needle 4 (metric) / US 6.

The beginning of a necklace

This is the beginning of a necklace I planned yesterday.

I saw an film where King Lear had a metal one that inspired me to try it in textile.

 As I want to do something done by me from the beginning, I took some wool in light and dark purple. I will also use a purple yarn to spin together with the wool.

I spun the light purple first...

...and after that the dark purple. I wound them on cones.

I put the three cones in a box and used knitting needles to fix them there.

I began to knit the yarn...

...and as I was finished I had something like this:

To be continued... (I will combine all this with the embellisher and stitching)

Friday, August 28, 2009



I was asked to show once more my wool storage and I thought it could be a nice color spot on this new blog.
I used conserve glasses for 1lt I bought some years ago. At that time I filled them with fruits and vegetables but now I don't seem to have time enough to do this... I am happy they had a revival!


I'm reading the book "Die Kunst des stilvollen Verarmens" from Alexander von Schönburg. It is a real pity they don't have it in English. Translated the title is "The art of sinking into poverty with style". The author is a member of the European nobility, a brother to Gloria von Thurn und Taxis.
I love the way he depicts the contemporary situation in the world and what is absolutely necessary in life... or not.

It is exactly the way I think. We are told we need so many dispensable things and we just lose time and money.

I think we only need time to do all the wonderful things we'd like to do. And we already have all the material we need to make them!! This is really good news! We just need to open the eyes and dive in the world of creative discovery.

If you have 12 minutes...

liked this...

Mimi Kirchner's dolls

I love this video!

It is so interesting to see the life and work of an artist.

The internet offers such wonderful possibilities!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Small "Urchfont" piece

I was at Urchfont last month with the ladies of my internet group. I did this small piece combining all bits and pieces I had taken with me. My luggage had to be light and this doesn't allow to transport my studio with me!

This is perhaps a good example of the way I want to see my work in the future. In the theory. I want to use what I have at home and I don't want to buy anything more. I already have lots.

There is going to be a shift in the philosophy and in the pace.


I also finished this shawl. I got the pattern from Ysolda.

She has two wonderful collections of Whimsical Little Knits.

I haven't knitted in the last 20 years and I began doing this once again last Christmas. I will design my own patterns as soon as I feel sure about it. The pullover underneath is already "half" a pattern of mine.


Anneli from Bockfilz visited me last week and we spent a week of discovery.

We worked with many different techniques. We always enjoy spinning while watching a good film. This time it was "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency", a film made in Botswana, very interesting and fun. My friend Sue K from England gave it to me as she visited and I'm really happy she did! There is a series of books of it I can only recommend!

I spinned the red wool and wound it with the pink yarn. This I combined with a Rowan Tweed Wool in black/blue and I love the way the self spun wool stands up. I want to stitch on the back of the pullover and I tried two small motives I will embroider alternately.


Working with the embellisher always gives the opportunity of combining materials at hand.

This is perhaps the thing I like most about it.

A recycling trip in which you find yourself honoring studio's debris.

I like the way a fabric develops, the capacity of giving birth to something new out of old and already dumped small pieces of textiles.

Lunz am See - Austria

My new blog will be written in simplicity and in a spirit of deep admiration of all crafts and ideas, old and new.

I visited this embroidery museum near to our city in the little city of Lunz am See for the yearly weaver's market.

We could visit this years special exhibition of undergarments of different centuries.

I loved the bra. A real naughty piece!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Everything is change

This is my new blog. I hope you will enjoy it.

It is a fully new concept. Many things are going to be happening and I don't want to define them right away. You will discover them as they come.

I thought it was the moment for a change because I was getting too lopsided and I need new challenges.

Let's see...
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