Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Fabric of Meditation is my main blog

I went back to the roots.

You can go here to my main blog.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Facebook - why I don't answer invitations!

As I became a member of Facebook, I decided to use it just for family exchange with my many cousins and other family around the world. We are a huge family. I only have a couple of closest friends as contacts.

I think that having a blog with the possibility of comments and a huge art related photoalbum at Flickr is enough for my textile activities. You wouldn't find anything of interest in my Facebook album.

CorNits Filzzauberschule (for my German speaking friends)


Meine Freundin Corinna Nitschmann bietet einen wunderbaren On-Line-Kurs für Naßfilzen und nachträgliche

Ich kann den Kurs nur empfehlen! Informationen hier.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I took these photos at dawn and the colors are different than the ones I took this morning. I had to compensate the darkness and now they look quite blue...

I must tell you that this piece is going to be a very crazy one, not at all like the ones you are used to.

You will notice this by and by and I'm thinking about the statics...

I also want to keep this piece and my husband had a wonderful idea about the frame. We have lots of old thrift windows which have 2 glass panes. The idea is to put the piece between the glasses to display it in the studio. I really don't want it to be seen from the back because it is not intended to but to be hung from the wall. This is of no concern to me yet because it is a slow piece and there is a long way to go in front of me before deciding about the hanging.

Perhaps you see better what happened here:



The middle of the story

This is the earthier part of it. Actually the "under the earth" part. The story under the earth and like at the centre of the earth there is more warmth.

The background will be the surface onto which I will write some clues.

All my stories are for you to tell. Everybody sees and reads something different. I also change my story each time I look at it. My mood of the day dictates the thinking.

I punched this time directly the fabric onto the back without using wool at this stage. I used it around the middle. I want it to be like a book page.

The story is going to continue to grow around all these parts but it is a slow cloth and I have to take my time on every piece and stage of the process.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

... and we say it



I finished the part with the speech bubbles.

The piece is growing but it's only the beginning of it.

We have something to say...

It looks like his mother told him the story of Peter and the Wolf and he is telling it to his sisters...

Things are growing.
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